Mystic Pointe Gym Booking
Please schedule your gym booking using the calendar below. If you don’t see the time or day you’d like, it’s because the gym has already been booked.

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COVID-19 Gym Restrictions

  • No more than two (2) persons are permitted to use the gym at any given time.
  • Reservations for the use of the gym may be booked online in the same manner as reservations for the guest suite and elevator. A schedule will be posted outside the entrance to the gym on a weekly basis.
  • Use of the gym by a resident shall be limited to no more than 30 minutes per reservation and three (3) reservations per week.
  • All equipment contained in the gym shall be left in the gym and not moved to any other area of the Property.
    Every person who uses the gym shall, after each use, thoroughly sanitize all equipment touched by the resident with available disinfectant materials.
  • Every resident shall, subject to the exceptions provided therein, observe the Masking Policy while using the gym.