Elevator Booking Agreement
Read this! It’s important!

Setting Things Up

  1. ON THE DAY OF THE BOOKING the security deposit of $200 must be delivered to the the concierge/security desk in order to secure the booking.  Certified cheque payable to Toronto Standard Condominium Corporation No. 1906/1944.  This amount will be refunded if no damage has been caused to any of the common elements.

  2. Resident/owner shall notify the manager or the agent and request an inspection of the elevator immediately prior to using the elevator.  Upon completion of the move or delivery, the owner/resident shall forthwith request a reinspection of the elevator and affected common elements.


(this is a summary, for full rules please see the below PDF)

  1. The owner/resident shall be liable for the full cost of all repairs to any damage which may occur as a result of the use of the elevator or common elements by the owner/resident or their agents. The owner/resident shall accept the cost of repairs as assessed by the manager and it is acknowledged that all or part of the security deposit shall be withheld and applied towards the cost of repairs. Damage includes any furniture, garbage, or boxes not properly disposed of. Furnite disposal must be pre-arranged with the management office, otherwise the damage deposit will not be returned.

  2. The owner/resident shall take reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized entry to the building during the term of the reservation.

  3. The owner/resident shall only use the elevator during the term of the reservation.

  4. The owner/resident shall not obstruct corridors and elevator lobbies prior to, during, or after the term of the reservation. No items shall be placed against walls or building furnishings.


  1. Problems within the party room are required to be reported by owner/guest to the Property Manager or Security.

  2. In case of an emergency, please contact Security.

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