3 Ways Property Management Companies Improve Condo Communities

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It’s the mission of our property management team to give North York condo residents, board directors, and owners complete peace of mind. To make this possible, we include a number of services to improve our condo security and community.

In this post, we describe some of the steps our property management company takes to make residents feel safe and at-home in their condos. Whether you’re an owner looking for a new property management company, or a resident curious how your building’s management stacks up, the following information will come in handy!

Does your property management company go above and beyond with building security?

When tenants are deciding where to settle down, building security is a prominent factor. Accordingly, quality property management companies stress tight security. If yours is lax, it may be time to reconsider your lease agreement. But how do you know for sure?

For starters, quality property management companies shouldn’t prescribe the same security standard to drastically different condos. Cookie-cutter solutions have limited utility; different buildings have different security needs. What works for a gated community may be unsuitable for a condo sharing a sidewalk with other businesses and residential units.  

Most buildings are best protected with a combination of CCTV security cameras and on-site security personnel working according to a custom security plan. The layout of your building must be taken into careful consideration when creating the building’s security plan, both to inform your guards’ patrol routes and your camera coverage.

Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd is the only company to offer in-house supervision of security personnel and in-house staff. Additionally, all of our employees are fully WHMIS and CPR-trained,allowing them to respond to all on-site emergency situations. We deploy our supervisors to your building, and ensure that cameras are covering lobby and shared areas at all times.

Does your property management company have emergency response protocols in place?

Your building can be locked up tighter than a bank vault, but it won’t stop emergencies and accidents from occurring. Whether you slip and fall or discover a neighbour in distress, you rely on emergency services to save the day. There’s simply no way to feel safe if your building lacks a streamlined emergency response system.

modern beige and brown apartment condos on blue skyMareka Properties (2000) Ltd deploys a 24-hour emergency call system that is designed to give owners, residents, and board directors peace of mind. In addition to giving you a 24-hour connection with emergency services, our property management team is available around the clock, with a response time average 20-30 minutes.

Does your property management company assist in conflict resolution?

Feeling safe in your home is directly related to whether or not you live in a harmonious community. All the security guards, closed caption cameras, and emergency service protocols won’t make you feel comfortable if you and your neighbours are always at each other’s throats.

Our property management company offers conflict resolution as part of our everyday services. We have a proven track record of success, and our team has nearly a century of combined experience. Call1 888-326-0105 with any complaints, questions, or concerns, and we will help you make sense of whatever conflict has upset the harmony in your condo community.

If you’re ready to switch property management companies, or would like to see which buildings are managed by our team, call 1 888-326-0105 today!

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