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A “For Rent” sign is a great opportunity to develop a successful marketing strategy in attracting new clients. Mareka PM delivers property management solutions to help landlords and property managers drive maximum revenue and unit efficiency.

Our client-driven and dedicated property management company in the GTA prioritizes tenant satisfaction. Mareka PM establishes various solutions among condo and rental management and commercial properties to deliver growing financial returns.

We oversee every detail of appropriately running a unit, creating a liaison between satisfied landlords and tenants. Mareka PM has become one of the most trusted condo property management companies in Toronto that assist renters in finding communities in their most desired neighbourhoods.

Our cutting-edge strategies will help you lease out your available space in no time!


4 Marketing Strategies to Attract Tenants

The process of finding appropriate renters can be an overwhelming task, and that is why we have compiled a list of 4 steps to ensure a smooth transition.

  1. Increase Social Networking
    We live in a technologically saturated society; why not use social media to your advantage? Utilizing large platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can give you leverage in connecting with a wide variety of audiences that might not have heard about your property before finding your online post.
    Social media encourages conversation, curiosity in your listing and an overall interest in your property. Utilizing various social media platforms and applications can drastically improve your chances of your vacant property getting filled.
  2. Using Authentic Visual Aids
    Your photos speak for your property even before a possible resident gets in contact with you. Consider the following factors when taking your photos:
    ✔ No flash. Leaving the natural light to reflect the space will highlight the sunlight that is maintained throughout the unit. Flashes tend to outline further flaws captured in the shot, so it’s best to utilize only natural lighting. The best time to capture brilliant photos is early morning and half an hour before sunset.
    ✔ Use quality photos. Blurry and vague photos can deter possible renters from signing the lease. Your photos should be paralleled to the undeniable care and attention you put into maintaining your property. Taking professional and high-quality photos of your property encourages potential renters to experience the space fully. 
  3. Include Strategic Details
    A concise listing eliminates potential renters from sifting through your post. Create quick and engaging details that attract the reader from the start.
    Highlight your responsive services at the top for any questions and queries they may have, creating a friendly partnership from the beginning. Include beneficial amenities and property services, and simplify all the featured amenities of the unit.
    By including detailed amenities, professional services, and the neighbourhood’s benefits, you increase your renter’s trust from the get-go.
  4. Offer Honest Advice
    Creating a loyal connection with possible residents is your first step in occupying your listing. Providing a clear expectation of policies, answering their questions as truthfully as you can and offering honest details about the listing will increase your renting chances.
    Potential tenants are interested in finding a suitable property for their particular lifestyle, and bogging them down with unnecessary details will only make them look past your services. Present accurate information, and you will have non-vacant units in no-time!


Occupy Your Vacant Listings Fast! | Reliable Property Management Company in the GTA

Partner with our experienced and friendly services to streamline managerial responsibilities, ensure happy tenants and occupy units quickly.

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