Communication Tips for Condo Property Managers

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If you manage a condominium, you know the power of effective, efficients, and proper communication with your tenants. A management team with poor communication skills are easy to spot; the telltale sign of this are often unsatisfied and unhappy tenants. If you are a condo property manager in Etobicoke and are finding that your manager-tenant communications ar3e slipping, you need to step your game up. Read our easy tips for creating  a better channel of communication with your tenant below!

What is Poor Communication?

What can constitute as poor communication from a condo property management company? In a survey, frustrated tenants have cited many different ways that condo managers have neglected proper communication tools. Lack of prompts and information about condo board meetings was a very common complaint. Lack of responses to information requests on behalf of tenants to managers was another very common complaint.

Not being transparent about maintenance and fee hikes is another huge cause for tenant unhappiness. If you are forced to up the cost of maintenance fees, try to keep your tenants informed on why the prices have changed; they are much more likely to be complacent with these changes if they understand where the money is going, and how they will benefit from the hike.

What Message are you Sharing?

The baseline for clear communication is to know exactly what you are communicating. Have one main thought, idea, or message, and make sure your email, bulletin notice,l or report clearly explains this message.This intended meaning also needs to be relevant to your tenants. For example, topics that tenants will find relevant include:

  • Service order changes or updates
  • Addressing problems or tenant complaints
  • Board meetings
  • By-law changes
  • Fee changes

How Are You Sharing Your Message?

Don’t over complicate your message; using simple, easy to understand sentences will ensure that your message reaches everyone who receives it. Yes, jazzing up your language might be a good idea here and there, but make sure the overarching language of your communication methods is straight to the point and concise.

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