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Mareka Properties excels at condominium property management with an individual approach, where we provide experience, and a dedication to provide high-quality service. From Mareka Properties start, this has been our cornerstone expertise – helping many clients and being a reliable condo property management company in Etobicoke.

Mareka Properties stands out in Etobicoke’s high demand for effective property management by offering services of outstanding quality at fair and competitive pricing. Our commitment extends through Toronto, Etobicoke and neighboring areas and shows our dedication to excel without financial strain on our clients.

Mareka Properties provides comprehensive financial management packages through our accounting department, with monthly financial statements prepared precisely and provided using preferred rates from Canada’s major banks for tailored, flexible oversight. Furthermore, our administrative services support condominium corporations seamlessly by covering everything from meeting minutes to status certificates ensuring efficient governance practices are adhered to.

Communication is of utmost importance when it comes to property management, and Mareka Properties excels in this area by creating transparent and effective channels of communication among owners, residents and boards of directors. We do this via our official private website that offers easy access to relevant information that empowers our communities.

Mareka Properties brings over 25 years of experience to property maintenance. Our partnership with quality contractors ensures physical upkeep of your home while our comprehensive security staff training – which includes WHMIS and CPR instruction – enables them to efficiently address on-site emergencies when they arise. In addition, our 24-hour emergency call system and rapid emergency contractor response capability demonstrate our readiness to address immediate needs.

Mareka Properties understands the essential component of condominium living is maintaining harmony within a community, with our proven record in conflict resolution demonstrating our ability to foster peaceful, cohesive environments for all residents. By choosing Mareka Properties, you’re opting for a reliable condo property management company committed to excellence, security, and an enjoyable living experience for every member of your community.

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