Connecting with Your Building’s Community During COVID-19 and How Our Toronto Condo Management Company Keeps Tenants Long-Term!

The relationship between landlord and tenant varies from person to person, and our property management company in the GTA strives to assist you in creating an effortless partnership with your residents.

Why choose Mareka PM as your property management company?

COVID-19 has hindered the social gatherings that would have brought people together naturally, and landlords are looking for ways to enhance community bonding while abiding by proper sanitary and distancing protocols. Mareka PM is an experienced and friendly Toronto condo management company that develops continual and working partnerships amongst landlords and property managers, and their respective residents.

We bring vision, experience and a personal touch to your property. Our range of services including financial administration, administrative services, physical maintenance and communication services allow you to maintain your property at the highest standard. The most important aspect to any property? Its people!

5 ways to increase community during COVID-19

We have compiled five ways in which you, as a landlord and property manager, can continuously build your property’s sense of community, all while being safe and adhering to COVID-19 regulations.

Use various platforms of communication

✔ We’re living in a digital world, where one fast text is much more efficient than a posted notice in the lobby. Taking the time to send out a text, post a social media post or sending an informative email can gain you important ground on connecting with your tenants. Building positive rapport with your residents can benefit you long-term, as happy tenants are more likely to live in your units for years to come.

Communicate regularly 

✔ Communicating regularly with your tenants shows that you have their best interests in mind when it comes to the property’s future. Instead of independently trying to solve the property’s issues, your tenants can provide some valuable information on how to appropriately address maintenance issues, enhancing communications and future projects that can benefit the building.

Host online contests and community events

✔ Fun contests always bring people together – even if it’s a virtual competition! Events can range anywhere from costume contests to the best chilli recipes to the cutest pet contests. Your property’s residents will have the opportunity to meet and greet other tenants virtually while participating in fun events that can create lasting bonds.

Gratitude goes a long way

✔ Remembering to say “thank you” will make your tenants feel like they’re appreciated, and more than just a monthly rental cheque. Once a month, write an uplifting note or a letter of gratitude and place them in their mailboxes showing them that you care. Through taking initiative in appreciating your residents, the sense of community will grow and they will more likely remain with your property long-term.

Encourage community feedback

✔ While you may be hard at work increasing your community’s sense of bonding, some tenants will feel that your ways are not efficient. Finding ways that will please every individual resident will not be possible, and that is why it’s vital to encourage feedback. Your contests might seem like a great idea to you, but maybe a minority of them will find them excessive. Taking constructive feedback will only grow your sense of community, and enable a unified property.

Call us today to keep your tenants long-term and occupy vacant units during COVID-19! | Professional property management company in the GTA.

Running a property, whether it’s a condo building, rental building or apartment complex, is a gratifying endeavour. While COVID-19 has hindered many social gatherings and events, there are infinite ways to continuously grow a sense of community, while attracting new tenants to your property.

Contact us today and grow your sense of property community, one resident at a time.

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