How a Property Management Company Can Increase Your Condo ROI

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Renting, owning or leasing a property in Toronto is changing daily. Due to unforeseen COVID-19 circumstances, the housing market has to adapt to unprecedented circumstances that affect its tenants. Condo property management companies in Toronto must be proactive and involved in current matters to remain competitive in the housing industry.

Mareka PM is a property management company in the GTA that specializes in optimizing your condo while maximizing your property Return on Investment (ROI). We provide clear communication between landlords and tenants, expertly handle property maintenance and administration and create an overall sense of community amongst all building occupants.

We work with landlords and property managers to ensure that property incomes and expenses are properly managed, bills are paid efficiently and on-time and help you achieve your professional long-term goals.


How We Can Increase Your Unit ROI

Enlisting our services pertaining to landlord property management in Toronto and overall tenant well-being can help you gain a financial profit when you choose to sell your unit. Here are 7 ways we can increase the value of your condo and decrease your stress:


 1)  People First:

➯ Our priority is always the well-being of our tenants. We act as a liaison between landlords and occupants to ensure a positive home environment. In addition to conflict resolution, we advocate for increased property satisfaction that translates into happy long-term occupants.


 2)  Labour Efficiency:

➯The landlord’s time has a much higher value than an employee working at an hourly rate. If the landlord’s time can be productively evaluated at $100 an hour, it doesn’t make sense for them to be running around cutting lawns and mopping floors. 

We can hire an on-site manager and maintenance person to work at a fraction of the stated figure so that the landlord can be preoccupied with more important tasks related to tenant satisfaction.


3) Tenant Screening:

➯ Our skilled team will give a second look to tenants that require additional screening that landlords sometimes oversee. We can filter the tenants that will not pay their rent on time, are disruptive to other tenants and will decrease the reputation of the building.


4)  Marketing:

➯ Property managers have the ability to attract qualified applicants and sing them into a lease rapidly. A low vacancy rate is significantly more appealing when considering renting or owning a unit in a larger property. We work with landlords to get tenants to occupy units faster so that the property appears more desirable.


 5)  Maintenance and Upkeep:

➯ Preventive inspections and routine maintenance will save the unit’s expensive repairs long-term. Our professional contractors and technicians will help you keep the integrity of your condo so that it’s in tip-top shape if you choose to sell or move. 


6) Professional Interpersonal Relations:

➯ When dealing with professionals that tend to logistics, such as attorneys, accountants and service providers, it is imperative to establish a good business relationship. A professional property management team must be able to communicate clearly and interact with ranges of tenants while keeping logistics up to standard.


7) Legal Assistance:

➯ New regulations under the Ontario Condominium Act have gone into effect as of late 2016, and a skilled legal team can back up a property management company so all their bases are fully covered. A legal team can ensure your property is following up-to-date regulations and is protected under the law.


Maximize Your ROI – Hire Our Trusted Property Management Company in the GTA

Ensuring a building is perfect 24 hours a day and Mareka PM is here to make that happen. We have the available services to optimize your unit and property so that you can gain the maximum ROI.

To enlist our professional and reliable services email us anytime at mareka@marekapm.

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