How are Condo Security Measures Implemented in Toronto?

As Toronto and the GTA continues to expand, developers are constantly building to keep up with the expanding population. With the housing market boom still in effect, more and more people are turning to condominiums as a more affordable living option; because of this, there has never been such a high need for quality and efficient condo property management companies in Toronto.

For both condo property managers and residents, security is a main concern. Toronto has the lowest crime rate in Canada compared to other major cities;  While it is generally seen as a safe city, residents still want to feel safe in their homes knowing that intruders aren’t regularly able to gain access to the building. There are several things that condo property management companies in Toronto, such as Mareka PM, can do to ensure a condo is safe and secure for its residents.

Rules and Regulations

The rules, regulations, and bylaws for a condominium will vary in different cities and provinces, but they are all in place to provide safety and security measures for residents. Some of these rules and regulations include determining which common areas guests have access to, providing security personnel, and making sure that all check-in procedures for visitors are clear to the residents.

It is the responsibility of condo property management companies to work with the board of directors and ensure that all residents are given a copy of the rules and regulations before they move into the building. The property manager is also responsible for notifying all residents of any changes in policies or procedures.  These security procedures are in place so as to prevent intruders from gaining access into the building. When these procedures are not followed, it creates more opportunities for thefts, break-ins, and other incidents.

Proper Guidelines for Guests

Some condos have specific procedures for allowing guests into the building, and the property manager will ensure that these procedures are followed. If your condo employees security guards at the door who accept sign-ins from visitors, your residents should know if they are required to let the security guards know if you are expecting guests. Implementing sign-in procedures is an effective precaution for keeping intruders out of the building.

Manage Keys and Access Cards

Depending on the condo, you may have a few different keys or swipe cards to access different areas in the building. These include the key for unit doors, exterior doors, key cards for the gym or laundry facilities, and keys for storage areas or mailboxes. These keys should be kept secure and not be leant to unauthorized individuals. In addition, if residents lose their keys, they should know how to contact the condo property manager so that measures can be taken to ensure residents’ safety. This can include issuing new keys or changing locks.

Mareka offers in-house supervision of security personnel and in-house staff. Want to learn more about how Mareka can improve the security in your condo? Call us at  (416) 255-7300 today.

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