How House and Condo Property Management Differ

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Condo property management is a branch off of property management, but requires a particular set of skills and specialties that other forms of property management do not need. Although house and condo management share some select similarities, they are two different monsters at the end of the day. If you are in the process of searching for a property manager for your condominium, then you need to learn what sets condo management apart. Learn about it by reading our blog below.

Community Involvement and Needs

One of the biggest differences for a condo property manager is that they are essentially part of a community. With this, comes a whole variety of new responsibilities.You will need to learn community wants, desires, and learn to anticipate any future needs.

For example, a condo has a high population of families with young children. If there is a recreational area for children on the condo’s grounds, maintaining and making sure these spaces are clean and safe should be a priority for you.

Outside Projects

Another thing you will notice in condominium management but not in house management is the amount of surprise outside projects that will arise. Do the areas around the condo need a fence? Is the automatic door broken? Do you need a new intercom system?

These responsibilities will fall onto the property manager. A household is not likely to need constant attention to projects and upgrades, but larger condominium buildings will see multiple projects a year.

Relationships with Venders

Due to the large amount of repairs, fixes, and installations condo managers oversee, they are likely to use the same vendors quite often. Because of this, it is crucial to ensure that they are in good relations with these vendors. Condo property managers need to have great interpersonal skills for these situations, since maintaining good relationships with vendors can result in speedier deliveries.

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