Investing in a Condo in 2020? 8 Sizzling Hot Locations You Should Be Looking at Right Now!

Looking into the condo market in the new year? This list will help you decide the right place for you and your lifestyle. Condos are a great investment in recent years, with a growing market for them and rising prices so it’s best to decide and invest quickly to get back more on your investment. Mareka Properties is dedicated to giving you affordable property management services in Toronto to help you ease the process of getting your own condo.


Yonge and Sheppard

Yonge and Sheppard have been a great spot for condo development in Toronto and it isn’t stopping anytime soon. Even with all this attention and development, the prices are still competitive because many people feel it is too far up north but with the TTC and line 1 right there you won’t be struggling to stay connected. Yonge and Sheppard also has a great nightlife, with a lot of different things to check out around the area including the Meridian Arts Centre (formerly Toronto Centre for the Arts).


Leslieville East

Leslieville is an old neighbourhood that’s growing and developing more. Perfect if you prefer a quieter family-friendly environment and with downtown only 20min away by streetcar or a quick drive getting out is easy and effortless. Leslieville isn’t just a residential area though, locals will boast about the many restaurants and vintage fashion and furniture spots.


Birch Cliff

Birch Cliff has a great location, being along lake Ontario with a picturesque neighbourhood it’s great for families. Homes are expensive around here but the condo market is much more competitive with a huge boom of development along Birch Cliffs main street. If you love hiking or biking birch cliff just a hike away from exploring the Scarborough Bluffs. Birch Cliff is a great place to get a condo if you’re looking for a family-oriented neighbourhood. 



Downsview is starting to pick up and develop so if you can deal with the growing pains of the neighbourhood you’ll be rewarded with a great price for a nice condo. The recent development in the area has brought in restaurants and shops that will only continue to grow. Downsview isn’t too disconnected having Downsview station and with the new Eglinton Crosstown Express coming in soon it’ll be even more interconnected.


Yonge and Finch

Yonge and Finch has been a hotspot for condo development for a while now. Just like Yonge and Sheppard, there are many people that still think its too far away but that’ll only come to your advantage with more competitive prices. Yonge and Finch is a great spot for Korean and Persian food and has a very active nightlife with many shops open 24/7 or late into the night. There are many various bars and karaoke spots for a great night out. TTC is easily accessible being the last stop on the 1 line and a GO station nearby as well to get to other communities.


Regent Park

Regent Park is a low-income neighbourhood that the city recently decided to invest in and develop more. Housing has improved and there are much better community services, condos are in development and more are on their way. Regents parks location has always been pretty great, you’ll be right near or on Dundas and easily just a streetcar ride away from Toronto’s core.


The Annex

The Annex is great for creatives with a great culture in the area and many mosaics and street art around, along with a vibrant neighbourhood full of different Victorian and Georgian style houses. Along with the beautiful old homes; there are various galleries, bookstores, restaurants, and theatres while being right near the U of T. 



Rockcliffe-Smythe has been a popular neighbourhood for a while now being rated one of the top 3 neighbourhoods in Toronto for first-time homebuyers by Toronto life in 2015. There are many schools and greenspaces around for families interested in the area and Rockcliffe-Smythe has Stockyards Open Mall and York Community Centre so there are a lot of shopping and activities in the area. When the Eglinton Crosstown Express is finished and running the Mount Dennis stop will help this community be more TTC connected as well.


Leave the Condo Management to Us!

The condo market can feel daunting but this list of the top growing condo neighbourhoods can help you find the right neighbourhood and environment for you and your lifestyle to help make the condo market feel a little less daunting. And with our condo management services, Mareka Properties can make the experience of owning your own condo easy and enjoyable.

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