Party Room Rental Agreement
Read this! It’s important!

Setting Things Up

  1. ON THE DAY OF THE BOOKING the security deposit of $500 and the non-refundable $60 payment (for Monday to Thursday bookings) or $100 (for Friday to Sunday bookings) must be delivered to the the concierge/security desk in order to secure the booking.  Certified cheque payable to LOGGIA SHARED FACILITIES #9930 or money order are acceptable. The management office is located around the corner at 278 Manitoba Street.

  2. Provided all resident obligations are satisfactorily met, the $500 security deposit will be refunded on the next business day after the booking.  It is understood, however, that the above sum is a deposit only and that failure of the resident to abide by any or all of the party room rules and regulations may result in the forfeiture of all or part of the security deposit at the sole discretion of the manager.  The resident is responsible for any damages, extra cleaning charges, or costs in excess thereof.


(this is a summary, for full rules please see the below PDF)

  1. The party room’s maximum capacity is 60 people (in accordance with fire regulations).

  2. The host/hostess must be a registered resident of TSCC 1906 or TSCC 1944 (and over the age of 19, proof of age may be required). They alone must submit the security deposit for the event. They also must supervise the event during its entire duration, including the clean up portion.

  3. No STAG/STAGETTE parties will be permitted in the party room area.

  4. The wood floor of the party room must not be damaged.

  5. The furniture must not be rearranged.

  6. No smoking is permitted inside the facility. Immediate termination of the event by security staff and/or building staff may result from non-compliance.

  7. The host/hostess is responsible for his/her guest’s actions and any damages they may incur.

  8. At no time should guests loiter in the hallways directly outside the party room, and the doors to the room must remain closed. The host/hostess is responsible to ensure that his/her guests remain in the area of the event at all times.  Exits to be kept free of obstruction at all times.

  9. Do not place adhesive on the walls to secure any signage or decorations.  No additional signs are to be posted in hallways or lobby and doors are NOT to be left jammed open or unattended for people to enter.

  10. All Friday and Saturday parties must terminate by 1:00 a.m., with music ending by 12.30 am.   All Sunday through Thursday parties must terminate by 11:00pm sharp.

  11. The liquor license act requires that no minor may consume liquor under the age of 19 years. Immediate termination of the event by security or building staff may result from non-compliance. The sale of liquor is not permitted therefore a liquor license is not required.  No alcohol outside the party room.

  12. The corporation is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal property or for personal injury to homeowners or guests, however caused.

  13. Any noise emanating from the party room shall not be allowed to escalate to a level so as to disrupt the other residents quite enjoyment of their unit. Upon the first noise complaint that is investigated and substantiated by security the renter of the room will be required to immediately cease the cause of this disturbance. Upon a second justified and validated noise complaint to security, the renter of the room  shall be forced to cease all activities and leave the room.

  14. No pets / animals in the party room at any time.

  15. Non-compliance with any of the above shall result in immediate termination of the event by security staff and/or building staff and a forfeiture of the room deposit.


  1. Problems within the party room are required to be reported by owner/guest to the Property Manager or Security.

  2. In case of an emergency, please contact Security.

  3. Cancellation is possible if written notice is received at least seventy-two (72) hours in advance of booking date with a full refund.  If less than 72 hours notice of cancellation is received, the payment is forfeit, though the damage deposit will be returned.

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