Mystic Pointe Squash Court Booking
Please schedule your amenities booking using the calendar below. If you don’t see the time or day you’d like, it’s because the area has already been booked.

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NOTE: Residents may only stay 1 hour per day in this area.

All common element areas including but not limited to those outlined below shall be used for the quiet enjoyment of all residents and unit owners and their guests. Guests must always be accompanied by the resident/owner while on common element area

1.Exterior -Rear /south lawn


3.Exterior –Garden Area (West Roof Top)

4.Interior –Elevator usage

5.Interior –Gym

6.Party Room

7.The Squash Court, The Washroom and The Sauna

8.Guest Suite

Any person using the common area/s shall refrain from any activity which may endanger anyone.

WARNING: The use of all of the common element area/sis entirely at the user’s own risk. Management and the Condominium Corporation accepts no responsibility whatsoever for accidents or injuries that might be sustained while using this building amenity. Excessive noise will not be tolerated and there shall be no loitering in any of the common element areas. Management/Security or other representatives of the Condominium Corporation reserves the right to ask residents to leave if they are disturbing other residents.