Is Hiring An Affordable Property Manager a Must?

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Found an investment property and are excited about maximizing your potential rental profits? While it might be easy to discredit property management as a “luxury”, you will quickly find that having a professional, highly experienced property manager ends up saving you money in the long run.

Mareka Property Managment is here to answer any question you have about your investment property!

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What Does a Property Manager Do?

A property management company will act as a liaison between you and your tenants (prospective or otherwise). This saves you time in the form of rental marketing, rent collection, property maintenance and repairs, addressing client concerns, and eviction processes.

Property managers are usually hired on a contract basis, freeing you from the financial hassle of being considered an employer.

Do you Need a Property Manager?

Anyone with an investment property can benefit from utilizing the help from a property manager or management company. You can especially benefit if any of these are true for you or your property:

  • You have multiple units for rent.
  • You live a far distance away from the property.
  • You do not want to participate in managing your property.
  • Your time is valuable.

Essentially, property management is great for any home owner that does not have the free time to dedicate full-time hours to their investment. While some retired investment owners appreciate doing the nitty-gritty themselves, this is still untrue for most.

Can I Afford Property Management?

While in the past, property management was considered quite the luxury for investment property owners,with the rising costs of homes and rentals in the GTA, property management is now much more possible. Even those with smaller, single unit properties can benefit from hiring a property management service.

With Mareka PM, you can find affordable management services in the GTA. Call us today to learn more at (416) 255-7300!


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