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Mareka Properties (2000) LTD is a skilled and trusted condo property management company that understands the integral link in balancing landlord property management and bringing a customer-centric approach to condo management. Our trained and dedicated management staff are experts at resolving developer-related issues and enforcing upgrades and retrofits without emptying your wallet. Whether you are searching for a property in Scarborough, Mississauga, North York, Collingwood, or Toronto, you can depend on us to get the job done right.


Financial Services

Mareka Properties (2000) LTD understands that your investment in a condominium is a big opportunity for future financial endeavours, and we provide a thorough range of financial services aim to provide you with the best possible monthly financial statements. We are proudly backed up by Canada’s five major banks to help you create a flexible and affordable financial plan. 


Condo Management

Condo management entails applicant screenings, maintenance, managing tenant needs, lease enforcement, owner reporting and trust accounting among the bigger responsibilities. Condominium management ensures the property is safe and cultivates an inclusive environment, while running operations such as stating policies, approving projects, creating budgets and ensuring the condominium is maintained at the highest standard.


GTA Property Management Services – Set Your Property Up for Financial Success

A condo’s management company’s main focus is maintaining the property and ensuring everything goes smoothly; this includes working with you, the condominium board, and any potential renters. A management company will help guide you with matters involving  managing the condos’ finances, environmental standards, handling any CC&R violations, answer any questions and concerns, manage the condo’s insurance policy, enforce community policies and regulations on behalf of your HOA, and much more.

Take advantage of the great benefits of the right property management company backing you up. With decades of experience and expertise with management Mareka has you and your property in safe hands.

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Administrative Services

 Mareka Properties (2000) LTD’s administrative services cover all aspects of property management from meeting minutes, status certificates all with proper liaison between the board of directors, landlords and tenants. We understand the importance of handling resident requests and suggestions and we aid the condominium property management with creating the most harmonious atmosphere possible. 


Importance of a Good Property Manager

Hiring a trusted property manager reaps many positive benefits for all condominium management and landlords as it ensures the tenants pay their rent on time, they will rent longer pending a solid connection with the property manager and will generally cause less depreciation to the condo over time.

Mareka Properties (2000) LTD has helped numerous boards of directors at condominium operations in excelling in high-quality day-to-day services including tenant screening and management and the importance of complying with condo regulatory laws that lead all tenants to create a harmonious environment.

Tenant screening and management is imperative in high-quality residential condominiums as it can minimize occupants who do not pay on time, conduct a comprehensive background check and verify poor credit to avoid evictions.



The Best Condo Property Management Services in the GTA

 A property manager assures proper condo regulatory laws to upkeep the physical integrity of the condominium at an industry-leading standard. Mareka Properties (2000) LTD upholds the highest standards in security staff training as all of our employees are trained in WHMIS and are CPR certified to relieve you of any on-site emergency situations and procedures. Mareka Properties (2000) LTD provides all corporations and board of directors an official and private website to access important information regarding their homes at any time.



Mareka is the Best Condo Property Management Company in the GTA

Mareka Properties (2000) LTD works at competitive prices without undermining the utmost quality of condominium excellence; the respected and acknowledged staff has aided in 34 Condominium corporations while relieving stress on property managers and landlords for over 20 years and has remained one of the best property management companies in the industry. Mareka Properties (2000) LTD is an accredited property management company that adds a personal touch to all condominiums. Our service and care set us apart in the competitive property management market and our excellent communication and dedication to high-standards have created a loyal connection to all of our clients.


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Mareka has the experience to deal with the novel challenges that are coming your way. Daily logistics, tenant communications, payment deferrals, staying compliant with housing and health regulations – we can help you handle it all.

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