Quick Fixes for Condo Living Challenges

As property prices continue to rise in Toronto, the city has seen an influx of people moving into affordable condos. Offering great locations for both small families and individuals, condo living brings great benefits, including amenities such as fitness centres and swimming pools and  added services like security and facility repairs.

However, with the benefits come some challenges, too. When living in a condo, tenants are in close proximity to their neighbours, which can result in noise issues, rules being broken, and problems with sharing the general facilities, and guidelines and regulations may not be followed if not enforced correctly by the condos management.

Luckily, these common condo living challenges can be easily alleviated with the help of an affordable property management company. Keep reading to learn more about how property management companies can help create a safe and harmonious living environment for all tenants.

Implementation of Regulations

It’s important to have clear condo regulations and guidelines in place so that all tenants are on the same page when it comes to living expectations such as noise levels, pets, and shared or designated areas. Property management companies are built to help create and implement these regulations to ensure all tenants have an understanding of what is expected from them.

Below, we’ve outlined how these regulations and guidelines should be implemented:

Noise Levels

This can be regulated by implementing strict hours where noise is expected to be at a minimum. Along with what is considered an acceptable so that all tenants can be considerate of their neighbours.

Pet Issues

These rules should indicate the type of pets allowed and any size restrictions. In a condo, big pets are harder to control as there is less space and they can also impact noise level regulations. Depending on the location, there should also be rules about where they can play and be walked.

Shared Space

Often there will be facilities such as gyms, pools, common areas, and the lobby that is shared by all tenants. Implementing a rule for cleanliness and respect for the shared areas is important to help set a standard of responsibility for everyone.

Designated Areas

If your condo provides spaces for parking, smoking, or garbage collection, those spaces need to be clearly outlined and allocated to tenants since those spaces are limited.

Warnings and Penalties

When the regulations and guidelines are not followed, it can lead to challenges and conflicts between tenants. Depending on the spread of the issue, it me be beneficial to have it dealt with by your property management company.

While specific and personal issues can be addressed with phone calls or in-person meetings, widespread issues such as consistent problems with cleanliness in the common area or pet owners neglecting their responsibilities to clean up after their pet can be addressed through newsletters and/or posters by your property management company within the building.

If issues are persisting, warnings should be given out and written down for documentation. Extreme cases can be fixed through monetary penalties or contacting the condo’s lawyer.

Condo Responsibilities

Just like any type of housing, issues can arise with the space itself or with the external environment outside of tenants’ interaction with one another. For example, there could be issues such as physical damages of their homes or smoking designated areas being too close to the homes of the tenants.

For these collective issues, the property management company would help to provide quick physical maintenance and quick response teams to help solve these conflicts immediately.

Are you looking for assistance in maintaining your property? Contact our affordable property management company in Toronto today to get in touch with our team and their expertise.

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