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  • Owning a rental property can be the the most profitable and steady investment of your life. Trust rental management to the experts: Mareka has the experience to ensure smooth operations and income, while maximizing your financial returns. Partner with a company you can depend on to deliver maximum financial security, happy tenants, and low turnover.
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Rental Pool Management - Is It For You?

Mareka Properties offers a unique investment management option for property owners interested in increasing their returns without increasing their risk.


How Does Rental Pooling Work?

Investors purchase residential and commercial properties for the purpose of tenant rentals. All rental properties are managed by Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd. All rents are collected and combined into one pool that takes the form of a trust account. All costs are paid out from the trust account such as: Utilities, Maintenance, and On-Call Services. The remaining balance is shared between the investors in the pool.


Why is Rental Pooling a great investment choice?

The best way to achieve financial success is a persistent investment approach-invest and remain invested. A safe alternative to traditional investment options is Rental Pooling- a choice that helps expand your investment portfolio and does not allow for investment risk. Rental Pooling is an investment safety net for bringing investors to pool their financial resources and expenses. As the number of rental properties increase, the potential for sharing fixed costs such as: Insurance, Audit Services, and Bank charges.


What Are The Advantages For The Investor?

The overall advantages are:

  • The risk is reduced and shared among investors
  • Investment is geared for safe, long-term growth
  • The investor is able to achieve consistent cash flow (even when properties experience vacancy from time to time)
  • The investment is flexible- Investors in the pool can buy or sell at any time, however, two (2) months notice must be given to Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd. and the residing tenant.
  • The pool is managed by Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd.- experts in Property Management.
  • Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd. forecasts opportunities at the beginning of the year and anticipated economic road blocks.
  • Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd. alleviates maintenance challenges for the investor
  • Annual statements are produced by Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd. for tax purposes.


What Can Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd. Do To Make This A Hassle-Free Investment For You?

Some of the services offered for clients to ensure their investment remains lucrative and properly maintained are, but are not limited to:

  • Regular Market Analysis to ensure you are receiving the highest rental income for your property
  • Retaining advertising, taking inquiry calls, or e-mails, and providing viewings to prospective renters
  • Processing applications based on credit score, police check, and prior landlord reference
  • Arranging any trades required to have the property in rent-able condition
  • Regularly going to tender to ensure we are receiving the best rates possible from all trades
  • Arrange move-in with your tenant(s) including elevator bookings, exchange of keys, and provide all contact information with our organization should any issues arise
  • 24-hour service line to your tenant(s)
  • Timely response to all service issues to ensure property remains in excellent condition
  • Handling all administrative inquiries and paperwork
  • Managing of rental payments
  • If necessary, taking legal action through the Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario for non-payment of rent or any other leases.
  • Issuing annual rental increases of your investment property to ensure it remains in good conditions
  • If applicable, acting on your behalf for all correspondence with the condominium manager or corporation
  • Weekly Updates provided to the investor on the administration tasks throughout the week



Will An Investor Be Happy With Our Service?


We maintain an informative relationship with all clients. We offer a 24-hour response time (maximum) to any inquiries and have an ongoing commitment to service excellence.