Small Condo Living Tips

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Condo living can be great, but sometimes, space can get fairly limited. The industry leading condo property management team in Etobicoke is here to offer you invaluable tips and tricks to making the most of your smaller space. If you want to maximize your condo apartment, or if you’re just in need of a change, read our blog below and make the most of your living space!

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Try to only purchase furniture that can serve more than one purpose. For example, an ottoman that opens up to reveal storage will help you save space and storage spots. Some pieces are made for specifically this purchase, such as dining tables that convert to sleek storage spaces.

Spring Clean Every Season

Every few months, really assess your possessions for things that you do and do not use. You’d be surprised to find how much space is wasted by junk that isn’t used. What can you do with furniture, clothing, and other personal objects that aren’t being well loved? Sell them on a site like eBay, Kijiji, or Craigslist. If this seems like a fruitless process to you, consider donating them to a charitable cause!

Closet Space Isn’t Just for Clothes

Your closet can be used for much more. If space is permitting, move your bookcase, small dresser, or even a desk if it’s a walk in, into the closet.

Go Digital

Do you have an old CD rack taking up a chunk of your living room? Download all the songs and get rid of the physical CD’s. This can also work for other forms of media, as well!

Give Everything a Home

It’s really easy to find yourself with a messy, unorganized space, especially when you live in a condo. Make sure that everything you own (and we mean everything) has a home. If an object doesn’t have a designated spot to be put away, you’ll find that it is in the way and often thrown somewhere it is not supposed to be.

Condo living can be great, with the right condo property management company in Etobicoke! Have a question? Call us at (416) 255-7300 today!

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