Spring Is Here And So Is Spring Landscaping! Enhance The Value Of Your Rental Unit With The Best Commercial Property Management!

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Your property’s landscape is an essential part of maintaining a clean exterior image. Our reliable commercial property management company can provide resources and tools to clean up your building’s landscape in anticipation of spring and summer. 

At Mareka Properties, we pride ourselves as a detail-oriented, reliable landlord property management company for all your rental properties. We’ll help mitigate the stresses of running your own rental properties, dealing with your current tenants daily, and finding more renters for your buildings. We’ll also work with you to deal with all the necessary paperwork involved and ensure your properties are up to standard with regard to local regulations and protocols. 

Contact and work with Mareka Properties today to access our large network of landscapers and contractors to help spruce up your properties. To help you understand the importance of spring landscaping for your buildings, here are a few reasons why you should consider it. 

Why Is Landscaping Important In Attracting New Tenants To Your Rental Property?

As the weather gets warmer and springs slowly arrive, it’s an important time to keep the landscape of your rental properties clean and clear throughout the warmer months. It’s also the time when prime leasing season is underway fr many new tenants looking for the right rentals to stay in. 

Keeping your property’s landscape clean and maintaining the area around it can enhance your property’s curb appeal and make a great first impression on potential tenants. If your property is in a great area, the clean appearance will work much better in piquing the interest of new tenants and securing more of them for your building. Property owners are aware that appearances are everything and that they should be prepared to work on their landscape after a messy, long winter. 

Then, when everything is in bloom and you have new plants and flowers, you’ll be able to attract more new tenants who are either passing by or evaluating your property on a listing website. This is what’s known as leasing season where tenants start looking for properties to stay in during the summer when it’s easiest to move. This usually occurs between May and September, when landscaping season is in full throttle and is the best time to relocate to a new property. 

During peak leasing season, rental property managers will need to make sure the area around their rentals is ready to be showcased. This involves maintaining the building’s curb appeal, which is a term many people have heard but may not be familiar with. Here is how spring landscaping around your property can help increase it.

How Does Spring Landscaping Increase Curb Appeal?

Spring landscaping not only helps you clean up the messy remnants of winter but also boosts your property’s curb appeal. The term describes the attractiveness of your rental property from the outside to a prospective tenant. Anything you see outside of your home, whether it’s the shrubs, flowers, or garden bed, counts as curb appeal. 

First impressions matter and if a property looks dilapidated or run-down from the exterior, people will believe the interior looks equally bad. To better appeal to new tenants and retain your current ones, you and/or a team of qualified landscapers should take the time to take these steps to increase your property’s curb appeal. 

Naturally, the first step involves clearing away unwanted debris. The winter can often bring dead tree branches, leaves, plants, and other unwanted elements to your front yard. Take the time to clear and rake away these things to clean up your property. This also extends to eliminating weed and dead plants. Try to remove weeds before they reach maturity and save yourself the trouble later by pulling them from the root up and disposing of them elsewhere. 

Another aspect of landscaping to practice is fertilizing your lawn every so often to keep your garden and grass verdant and healthy. Apply fertilizer every few months during the spring and summer months, earlier on in the year, to help your grass establish deep, nourished roots. It can also help keep the weeds under control and ensure a healthy lawn all throughout the warm seasons. 

Other elements you can add to increase your property’s curb appeal are by adding free-standing plants, low-maintenance plants, and installing entertainment places like parks, benches, or gazebos. This will not only enhance your property’s appearance but also give your tenants more ways to enjoy their rentals to the fullest. Free Standing planters can also help spruce up your landscape by providing it with a unique colour and welcoming entryway. 

Why Should You Always Trust Mareka PM To Enhance Your Rental Property’s Value?

By working with Mareka Properties, we’ll provide you with the necessary contacts, tools, and resources to kickstart your spring landscaping efforts for the leasing season. Our team has the experience and expertise to help you manage your properties efficiently. As the weather gets warmer and brings more sunlight, we’ll help make sure your rental properties can draw in and appeal to more potential tenants in the new year.

Contact Mareka Properties today to learn how we can help you clean up your rental properties’ landscape. Work with us now to increase the value of your rental and get more tenants through the door. 

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