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Many people have already started preparing for winter and making sure their properties are ready for the season. Everyone knows the best measure to take is preventative, but this doesn’t stop once the snow starts. There always seems to be more to do for winter, especially if an unexpected storm comes in or other weather events. 

Being active is managing your properties is best, but sometimes there is too much for just you to handle. By finding condo property management companies in Toronto you can rest a bit easier and take a load off your shoulder. Mareka provides affordable property management in Toronto and is ready to give you the attention and care you and your properties need. Our property management company serves all around the GTA to make sure your properties are standing tall no matter where they are in the GTA.

Checking the Exterior

The exterior is always one spot that needs constant attention; shovelling snow, salting the sidewalks, and more. The exterior especially needs extra care after a storm or a big weather event. Any reason for a person to slip and fall you can be held liable, so keeping up with the state of snow and ice is important. Asking your staff to keep you updated is a great way to save you a trip out every time it snows, they will also most likely be the first to hear from tenants and their complaints. For everyone’s safety, tenants, staff, visitors, and pedestrians walking past staying aware of your parking lots, entryway, and sidewalks state is vital.

Monitor Indoor Temperatures

This is the time of year where certain things failing becomes more drastic and to prevent that you need to make sure all of the buildings’ vital rooms are taken care of and protected. Big failures such as breakdowns and service interruptions can cause big problems for you and your tenants. 

Especially cold rooms can have a huge impact on equipment, plumping, electrical lines, and more. Certain places are more vital and its best to stay up to date on their state:

  • Generator room
  • Electrical room
  • Parking garage
  • Sprinkler room


Holiday Safety

Winter problems can come from inside a tenant’s place too. Preparing tenants and giving them notices about indoor holiday safety is important but staying aware yourself is a smart decision as well.

Know about decorations throughout your lobby and building, they should all be non-conductive, flame retardant, and non-combustible. Holiday lights are also best left off unless someone is in the area. 

Some tenants may cause issues unknowingly with improperly throwing out their Christmas trees. By monitoring the garbage and recycling bins any stray branches or such can be caught right away to reduce risk. While you can’t directly monitor a tenant’s decorations in a unit you can preemptively inform them to avoid certain materials or disposal methods. Ensuring safety stays in their minds and reinforcing that certain things could have consequences. 


Keeping staff well-trained

Speaking of informing people of best practices, don’t forget about your staff too. This season is a great time to keep training up to date, review certain processes, and make sure nothing important has been forgotten. Certain things like fire safety classes and sessions can keep them informed on the best method during an emergency.


Want some help with managing your properties?

Mareka can be your shining light during the season and give yourself a well-needed break.  Don’t take it all on yourself! Having a professional property maintenance team on your side can keep you, your property, and your tenants safe and happy during the holiday season.

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