Summer Vacation Tips for Residents From Condo Property Managers

Summer is almost here and if the residents in your condominium property are like the many others throughout the Toronto area – their minds are already thinking about summer holidays and vacations.

While your residents are busy making plans for their vacations, as property managers or owners, you should remind them that to also plan ahead for the upkeep and safety of their condo while they are away.

Continue reading and share these handy tips from a condominium management company in Toronto with your tenants!

Tips for Your Residents Before They Go Away This Summer

Save energy:  Remind residents to turn off all lights, fans, and all other devices that don’t need to be functioning while they are away.  They can also help reduce energy by unplugging appliances such as toasters or toaster ovens, coffee makers, printers, computers, the microwave, etc. These devices will still be using energy if they are plugged in, so you can save a ton of energy by simply unplugging them. If your condo has air conditioning and there won’t be any pets left at home, they can also turn it off until they return.

Make your condo look lived in: There’s nothing more devastating than coming home from a vacation to find that there’s been a break in. There are some ways that you can keep intruders away by not leaving any obvious signs you’re not home.

Share these tips with your residents: If your unit has garage parking,  pack your suitcases with your vehicle in the garage. Put lights or the TV on a timer so that they turn off and on at certain times, giving the impression that someone is home. Ask a trusted friend or family member to pick up your mail and newspapers so they won’t be accumulating outside the unit or in the mailbox.

Remind your residents to let you know that they are going to be away so you know and can look into any suspicious activity around the unit.

You can leave a note in elevators or in the lobby reminding residents that they should be careful in what they are posting to social media prior to leaving. While going away on a trip is exciting, announcing it tells people exactly when they won’t be home.

Ask a friend to check up on the condo: It may be a good idea for residents to get a friend or family member to check up on their condo while they are away. This is mainly to check up on pets while residents are away or to make it look like the unit isn’t empty.  Residents should also provide a phone number where they can be reached in case of an emergency.  

Don’t overlook maintenance: Ask the person who is looking after your condo to look around and ensure there are no leaks or other issues that might need to be fixed. Provide them with the property managers phone number, just in case.

Going on a summer holiday? Entrust your condo’s safety and upkeep with reliable property managers. Call the experts at Mareka today at (416) 255-7300.

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