The Value of Rental Property Management Companies: Renter and Investor Benefits

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Rental property management companies offer serious value to renters and investors alike. In this post, we explore two ways Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd benefits both sides of the rental equation.

Offering peace of mind for residents

Yellow Ring Binder with Inscription Property Management.High-quality rental property management companies in Toronto will greatly enhance the safety, comfort, and cohesion of residential communities by providing services that increase renters’ peace of mind.

First of all, Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd makes rent collection easier. Rather than having to chase down your landlord or stuff your check into a jam-packed mailbox, we collect for you to give you complete peace of mind.

Our rental property management team also handles the property’s physical maintenance to keep residents safe and comfortable. Whether it’s a common area lighting issue or a more serious equipment failure in your building, our team will help, whether that means fixing the problem ourselves or hiring a quality contractor.

The Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd team also offers a suite of security, emergency response, and conflict resolution services that eliminate common sources of stress for renters. We are the only company in Toronto that offers in-house supervision of security personnel and in-house security staff trained in WHMIS and CPR. Our emergency call system is available 24-hours, giving renters, owners, and board members immediate access to emergency services. Typical response time for our staff is 20-30 minutes. Finally, our conflict resolution service helps rental communities stay civil.

Maximizing profitability for rental property investors

Though the value of rental property management companies is clear for tenants, some investors wonder if it’s a worthwhile expense. After all, can’t the investors handle these tasks themselves?

While it’s true that an investor could juggle their rental property’s finances, maintenance, security, and general community management duties, they’d quickly hit a point of diminishing returns. Think of it like any other business: a fast-food franchise owner could cook the burgers, mop the floors, and run the cash register while handling the other financial, marketing, and administrative responsibilities, but they’d be much better off hiring employees. In doing so, the investors or owner can focus on growing their investment, rather than being consumed by everyday duties.

But more than just adding a second set of hands to handle everyday tasks, rental property management companies like ours bring serious value to the table in the form of industry insights. Working with us gives your rental investment the benefit of our 25+ years of experiential knowledge in this industry. This means you’ll know the correct market rent rates to maximize your return on investment. You’ll also get access to detailed financial reports so that you can plan more effectively for the future. Furthermore, our rental property management team possesses in-depth knowledge of landlord and tenant law, which means you’ll never have to worry about running afoul of any rental policies.

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