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Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd. offers a full suite of property management services for townhouse communities. Whether you’re looking to protect your investment, wow your residents, or get your building looking its best, our team can help. Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing our property management company is providing the following community care:

  • Stress-free financial statement preparation and rent collection
  • Easy-to-use online bulletin boards for improved tenant-owner communications
  • Proven conflict resolution practices for a stronger townhouse community
  • Authoritative administration services
  • Fast and responsive property maintenance service
  • 24-hour emergency response services to keep you and your family safe

24/7 Support – No Problem Too Big or Small

Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd. distinguishes itself from the competition through experience, innovation, and comprehensive support services. Our team’s extensive academic and experiential knowledge allows us to offer confident and capable support for:

  • Interpersonal conflict resolution
  • Implementing townhouse upgrades and retrofits without breaking the bank
  • Resolving developer-related issues
  • Industry-related legislation issues
  • Accounting and financial statement preparation
  • On-site emergencies and security issues
  • Physical maintenance

Our team informs their property management services with over 70 years of combined industry experience, with knowledge spanning the real estate, business administration, condominium management, and commercial worlds.

Townhouse Owners: Explore Our Full Suite of Property Management Services

If your investment portfolio includes multiple buildings, Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd. is your one-stop shop for property management services. We handle buildings of all ages, sizes, and style. Beyond our 700 townhouse units, we are responsible for a number of condominium corporations, high-rise/mixed units, and commercial properties.

  • Condo Management. Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd. is responsible for over 30 condominium corporations in Toronto and the surrounding areas. We take care of your properties’ finances, security, code compliance, external contractors, inventory management, conflict resolution, and maintenance, and work with board members to solve any administrative issues that may arise.
  • Rental Property Management. Though we specialize in townhouse management, we handle hundreds of rental properties that fall outside this categorization. We work alongside owners to develop a custom management and maintenance plan that takes the hassle out of being a landlord. We will accommodate your tenants’ daily needs, control your property costs, and increase your bottom-line revenue.
  • Commercial Property Management. Mareka Properties (2000) Ltd. manages over 90,000 square feet of commercial space in Toronto. We possess the knowledge, assets, and experience needed to keep your property in shape while you focus on growing your business.

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