What Do Property Management Companies Look For?

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Owning a property isn’t just about living arrangements or work space. Your property is your investment: it’s an asset you can liquidate when the need arises, or it can be a profitable income generating mechanism through rent or long-term leasing. But not all of us have the time, resources or expertise to manage our properties. Keeping your investment afloat in the market isn’t easy to do alone. For your property in Etobicoke, property management companies can maintain your investment on your behalf, keeping you worry-free and assured of income.

Here, we’ll learn about what property management companies in Etobicoke look at when taking over your investment and how you can work together to keep your property generating the highest profit possible.

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A Property’s Best Points

Property management companies in Etobicoke like to examine your property closely before working out a deal to take over managing your investment. Typically, they look at property value, location, maintenance or upkeep needs, and its structure’s adherence to zoning regulations or local legislation. These factors play into the amount of work they put into preparing to take over managing your property and the long-term growth of your investment.


Upon meeting with a property management company, they will look at the value of your investment. These include the price you paid to acquire the property; the growth of its value in the market over time; and the rate at which its value can be expected to continuously grow. Knowing the value of your property helps you determine the profit margin for your investment and allows you to work out the best deal possible with property management companies looking to take over managing your investment in Etobicoke. Your property’s value also helps property management companies project how they will benefit from doing business with you.


Your property’s location is a key factor in determining its value. Location can be everything – it dictates profit that can be expected and potential for growth. A good location gives property management companies a good idea of what they can use your property for or do with it to maximize growth of your investment and profit in your pocket. Properties located in city centres or at the heart of bustling districts command the highest value and open opportunities for commercial use. Commercial properties are occupied by businesses and thus can be highly profitable.

Maintenance Needs

Property management companies in Etobicoke typically move in completely when taking over your investment. With pre-agreed terms, they take over everything: handling repairs and renovations and dealing with tenants. Because of this, they will want to assess your property for current maintenance and upkeep needs, as well as facilitate repairs or renovations before putting it on the market. A well-maintained property holds more value as it assures clients that their business’ infrastructure is in good shape. Property managers will also make note of ongoing maintenance fees to keep your property viable for business. All these factor in how much income you generate from your property.

Adherence to Local Legislation

Finally, acquiring a property includes making sure it is suitable for what its target market needs. Local legislation dictates zoning regulations for different types of properties. Property management companies in Etobicoke will check the zoning regulation applicable to your property and make sure that they are able to prepare it for moving in according to what the law says it can be used for. Property managers will have to make sure that designated commercial properties are presented to prospective clients looking for business or office space; residential properties can be offered to real estate developers, and industrial properties meet safety regulations.

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