Why Choose Mareka For Condo Property Management

Mareka is a renowned property management group, specializing in condo management. An established management company, Mareka operates across the Greater Toronto Area, from Scarborough to Mississauga. We offer valuable expertise, accountability, quality service, and a proven track record, providing peace of mind.

Trust Our Experience

Trust condo management to the experts: We have the experience to ensure smooth operations, while maximizing your financial returns. You can rely on Mareka to deliver maximum financial security, happy tenants, and low turnover.

At Mareka, we manage your condo with experience, innovation, vision, and a personal touch. Since its inception, Mareka has been managing the day to day operations at condominium corporations. Mareka provides a comprehensive range of financial services, receiving preferred rates with Canada’s major banks to provide personalized, flexible financial management. We also provide all inclusive administrative services, from meeting minutes to status certificates, while aiding boards of directors in efficient and smooth management.

How Mareka Goes Above and Beyond

Mareka provides expertise in communication, providing all corporations an official & private website for owners and the board of directors to access information related to their homes. Offering physical maintenance and in house security training, Mareka works with quality contractors, and offers in-house supervision of security personnel. We offer a 24 hour emergency call system that provides owners, residents, and the board of directors with immediate emergency response. Condominium living is all about having a harmonious community. Included in Mareka’s services is conflict resolution, an area in which Mareka has a proven track record of success.

Whether you’re faced with resolving developer related issues as owners move in, or implementing upgrades and retrofits without breaking the bank, Mareka manages your condo with experience, innovation, vision, and a personal touch.

Call (416) 255-7300 for more information, and put your mind at ease with Mareka’s 25+ years of experience in condo property management.


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