Why Hiring A Property Manager Is The Right Choice

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How Does Mareka PM Help Your Property Stand Out Among Competitors?

At Mareka Properties, We know that communication is important to providing the highest level of service and care for both condo property owners and their tenants. Our team is equipped with the right tools and the best knowledge for financial success. We’ll help you stay ahead of your competitors.

We’ve worked with many property owners before and our portfolio boasts many years of reputable experience in managing different properties around the city. Our team will help you showcase the very best features of your condo property all throughout social media to attract your ideal tenants. We’ll provide the best assistance to make your property stand out from the rest. 

From marketing to management, we do it all at Mareka PM. 

What Is A Property Manager?

Property managers work to ensure that the properties they take care of operate smoothly, keep presentable appearances, and either hold or increase in value. They handle inspections of all properties, hire employees to assist with the management of said properties, sort and assign duties to maintenance staff, and even coordinate external services such as landscaping.

They additionally hold showings of properties to prospective tenants, help to explain the terms of one’s occupancy, and perform rent collection. They also sort out taxes and other fees associated with maintaining your property. On the administrative side, they make sure that all procedures carried through comply with relevant laws; for example, the Fair Housing Act. They are responsible for keeping property records and preparing budgets and financial reports for property owners.

Functioning as a liaison between property owners and the tenants of said property, the property manager generally handles most – if not all – tenant-related issues, being a representative for the landlord. Once tenants are moved in, the property manager becomes their primary point of contact if anything needs to be addressed or if concerns arise. An excellent property manager handles the majority of operations related to the property, which can be anything from yearly maintenance to handling noise complaints. 

Why Should I Hire A Property Management Company?

Property owners already have the tough job of managing their properties and renting to tenants. With a property management company by your side, you’ll find peace of mind for the sheer scale of what gets taken off your shoulders, from dealing with tenant relations to financial logistics. 

If your property has maintenance and repair issues, it can be a challenge for the landlord to resolve by themselves. That’s where a company like Mareka PM comes in to provide tenants with a list of contractors to handle any service and repair. By submitting a maintenance request, you can resolve issues in a unit at any time you need at any price point. Our pricing is transparent and you can be assured that your concerns are being handled by our experts. 

And speaking of timing: property management services are available for tenants to contact 24/7 annually. Rather than having tenants directly take up your valuable time, we can help resolve issues with them as the middleman, letting you then focus on your other important matters. We strive to make your job easier and help make your tenants feel more at home.

Is Property Management A Real And Reliable Occupation? 

Property managers obtain their roles in a variety of ways!

Employers look for, and prefer to hire on, college graduates for off-site positions where minimal direct supervision is necessary, or for dealing with finances and managing contracts. The most successful property managers boast a degree in business administration, accounting, or sometimes even public administration.

Managers of single properties may come into their occupation via an apprenticeship. The roles and job titles of a property manager can vary from assignment to assignment. Property managers in real estate oversee residential and commercial properties so that investors receive maximum returns on their investments. They handle the financial operations discussed above, such as tax payments, payroll, and maintenance fees. Community association managers handle communal properties such as condominiums, as examples. 

A robust and continually-expanding education is a necessity for this field of work. 

Your Value Is Our Value

Mareka PM’s professional team of property managers bring decades of experience, a portfolio of the most prestigious and most reliable contractors in Ontario, and a personalized, involved touch that can often be lost with larger property management companies.  

We work at a fair and affordable price, all while delivering exceptional service to set your property up for long-term success. Contact us to learn more, to get started, and to get a great quote.

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